Thank You for Registering for our Seminar & Study Hall Webinar

Here's what you need to prepare for the event

We’re looking forward to have you join our discussion in our Seminar & Study Hall Webinar. Here’s everything you need to know to join the conversion.

Joining the webinar

We’ll send you a reminder about the webinar one day before the event. We’ll send you a link to the webinar one hour before the event. Simply click on the link, follow the prompts and you’ll be added into the webinar.

How the webinar will flow

Once the majority of the registered attendees login, we’ll begin. The typical flow (we believe in being flexible based on your needs) looks like:

  • Welcome
  • Review of house keeping details (how to use your mute button, projected length of event, what to expect after the webinar, etc.)
  • Attendee introductions (depends on the number of attendees)
  • Speaker introduction
  • Speaker presentation
  • Q & A (sometimes the Q & A will take place within the presentation, it all depends)

Tips on preparing for the webinar

You may have attended more webinars than you can count, but just in case, here are a few tips on how to prepare your equipment and environment to have an enjoyable webinar.

Equipment – Technology prep

  • Login using Chrome or Firefox
  • Use a hard wired connection not wireless if possible – wireless is prone to choppiness
  • Plug your laptop in, don’t rely on Battery
  • Use a headset, if none is available use ear buds not speakers or you risk audio echo
  • Give your computer a fresh reboot, resources are important

Environment – Check your surroundings

  • Examine your surroundings, make sure the dog is outside, that the phone is on silent and that you are not interrupted or distracted
  • Check your background if using webcam
    • Make sure your background is darker than your foreground and is professional (we want to be able to see your face)
  • Check your audio
    • Please use earbuds if using your phone or computer to limit an echo or play back 

Contact us if you have questions

Feel free to email us at [email protected] is you have questions. Otherwise, we’ll “see” you online!



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