Content Academy is a fresh new way to learn how the Internet ticks and stay connected to colleagues and peers who feed off of each others’ passion.  We have ambitious plans to teach the world the ways of digital marketing, blogging, social media strategy, WordPress and much more.



  • Rebecca Steurer

    Content Strategy Instructor & Co-Founder
    Rebecca has been practicing content strategy long before content strategy had a name. She began planning and developing content for Northwestern Memorial Hospital in 1999 to help patients find health information, physicians and educational resources. She managed and mentored a team of three content specialists to provide the right information at the right time to… Continue Reading
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  • Scott Winterroth

    WordPress Instructor & Co-Founder
    Scott is a co-founder of Content Academy and a 10-year professional of the integrated marketing and communications fields. Currently, Scott is a full-time marketing manager in addition to his duties as co-founder of Content Academy. Prior to his current full-time position, Scott worked in a corporate communications department and was a champion for the utilization… Continue Reading
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We offer educational classes to help career changers and builders, small business owners, entrepreneurs and continuous learners excel at digital marketing experiences. Our classes include:

  • Content Strategy Career Classes
  • Digital Marketing Workshops
  • Blogging Workshops
  • WordPress Workshops

We’re starting with in-person classes now and preparing for online classes in the near future.


Our in-person classes and workshops are led by experienced and successful digital professionals who provide lectures and activities students participate in so they can learn-by-doing.


We are headquartered in Chicago. Our in-person classes and workshops are held at The Grind co-working space at 2 N. LaSalle and at Visual Wright Agency at 180 N. Wacker. For corporate training, we travel to the organizations’ headquarters.

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