Learn from Home Seminars

Creative virtual seminars that employees can use to unleash their potential.  Use this mandatory work home time to engage employees in creative learning they can use to build confidence and bring fresh ideas back to the office.

Start your most Creative Year Ever!

An empowering workshop to uplift and encourage employees to learn new skills for the creative economy by providing tools for exploring their own creative abilities.

Perfect for the current COVID stay at home situation.

Planning a Powerful WordPress Website

Tools and strategies for building a personal website or blog, which is an excellent way to introduce employees to in-demand web skills by building a digital portfolio they can use to build confidence and bring that back to the office.  

If your company uses WordPress for their website, this is a must as it can open new doors for company-wide content creation to amplify your marketing message. 

The Blog You Want in the Time You Have

This is a workshop aimed at empowering creators to realize the potential of content marketing with tactical tips for how to prioritize your content creation efforts and build a time management and productivity workflow you can actually use.

This workshop is not about how to set up a blog, but rather a lesson in the strategy and tactics behind building a profitable system that you will actually want to keep blogging.

Other Topics: 


  • Presentation Skills
  • Setup a Podcast