Scott Winterroth

Co-Founder and Blogging Instructor
Scott Winterroth

Scott Winterroth

Blogging Instructor and Co-Founder of Content Academy

Scott is a co-founder of Content Academy and a 10-year professional of the integrated marketing and communications fields. Currently, Scott is a full-time marketing manager in addition to his duties as co-founder of Content Academy.

Prior to his current full-time position, Scott worked in a corporate communications department and was a champion for the utilization of social media for public relations strategy. Today, social media continues to be an integral component of many external communication programs and a key asset to the organization for which he worked.
Scott began his career working for a public relations agency where he assisted a variety of accounts in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

WordPress and Blogging Creds:

In 2008, Scott was introduced to WordPress while he was starting his first blog, Utilizing his journalism degree, publicity tactics, and photography skills, Scott managed to build an online community from scratch that quickly became a known resource for all things country music in Chicago. Along Scott’s Country Music Chicago journey, he quickly became enamored with WordPress, an open-source website content management system, and digital marketing tactics such as search engine strategy and content marketing. Scott quickly realized that when combined these tools can be very powerful for not only building blogs but also for marketing businesses online.

In 2010, Scott launched Front & Social which provides blogging strategy and WordPress development services for a variety of clients who are looking to use WordPress and search engine strategy to promote their products or ideas. Today, through his efforts with Front & Social, Scott has had the pleasure to assist many entrepreneurs with launching blogs and podcasts.