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From our Blog

Reasons your blog strategy didn’t take off

Reasons your blog strategy didn’t take off

Blogging is a great way to get noticed on the internet and to grow your authority on a particular subject matter. The problem is, blogging can be very time-consuming and often under appreciated. There’s nothing worse than spending several hours crafting a post for no one to read it. For most, the minimum blogging tasks… Continue Reading

WordPress Page Builder Plugins on a $100 Budget

WordPress Page Builder Plugins on a $100 Budget

The fundamental concept behind WordPress is to enable users to publish web content without knowing code.  Which, in my opinion, it does just that in exceptionally well. The core WordPress interface provides a simple way to login and add a new page or post to a website. Simply select Add New then add a title,… Continue Reading

A thing or two about WordPress Widgets

A thing or two about WordPress Widgets

Does anyone care to explain a WordPress Widget? When I ask students to explain WordPress widgets, I often get either a blank stare. If anyone is daring enough to answer it’s typically along the lines of well they’re these things. And, that’s not a bad answer. A widget in general terms describes something that’s name… Continue Reading