Are Campfires are in, Megaphones out?!?

By: Scott Winterroth

Content Academy #CreatorLife Series!


This week we welcome digital strategist and community builder Todd Nilson to the show for a chat on how to elevate your strategy.

  • 00:00​ Welcome Todd Nilson Community Builder
  • 03:15​ Fosting Entrepreneurship with BizStarts
  • 05:14​ Campfires are in; Megaphones are out?
  • 06:30​ How online communities form?
  • 08:43​ Can clubhouse scale a sense of community?
  • 12:01​ Are there organizations where online communities “campfires” don’t work?
  • 16:34​ What platform did you use for Milwaukee JobCamp?
  • 19:26​ How important are online community leaders?
  • 21:56​ How do entrepreneurs lead online communities?
  • 23:32​ How do you blend humanity and tech in online communities?
  • 26:31​ Going local before you go global?
  • 29:25​ What’s ahead in online community platforms?
  • 30:18​ How will voice, video, Ai or VR evolve online communities and events?
  • 34:03​ How to maintain community hygiene to avoid toxic communities?
  • 39:03​ How Scott got kicked out of a Facebook Group!

Todd Nilson is a digital strategist and founder of Clocktower Advisors.

He has led transformational technology projects for brands such as Facebook, SAP, Activision, Truth Initiative, Schneider National, Sargento, Greenpeace, and Medtronic. He specializes in online communities, social intranets, competitive intelligence research, gamification, employer branding, and virtual collaboration.

Todd has managed teams and engagements with national and global consultancy firms specialized in online communities.

In addition to his consulting work, he volunteers his time with local entrepreneurial programs, city government, and business associations. He has previously held multiple board positions with nonprofits in the technology sector.

He was the founder of the highly successful Milwaukee JobCamp, a series of volunteer- and social media-driven live events that supported job seekers during the last economic downturn.


Go behind the scenes of some of the best websites and blogs, hear about the tools and strategies in play and some of the ones that I would like to deploy. Join others and ideas for marketing yourself or your products.


This is a live-streamed event so join us on YouTube and participate in the chat to ask questions. Want to get in the stream with Scott? Email: [email protected].

This is always fun, come join us to talk shop.

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