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By: Scott Winterroth
October 3, 2020

Websites today play various roles within organizations, from lead generation to recruiting. A high performing web strategy is almost as important – or valuable -as a high performing leader or employee. You probably need your website … even more than you think. You see, your website is the gateway for your customers into you world. A virtual storefront for your business, or even a virtual doorstep before they arrive at your physical location.

Your website is not the end-all to success, let’s face it there are many different aspects of running a business, or an organization, that all have to be done right and work together. For example, you can’t run or grow a business if your finance department is out of whack or your product doesn’t have the right market fit.  If you’re watching this you probably realize that your web strategy is a pretty important player in the game.

Regardless if you’re a Chief Executive or a Chief Everything, it’s likely your responsibility to make sure your website is firing on all cylinders and in a way that brings the most impact to your business or organization.

Determining that impact can vary, based on your strategy, but maybe there are website opportunities you maybe haven’t considered. Let’s dive into them.

The most common website strategy is for customer acquisition.

I can guarantee that at some level your website and online presence is part of your buyer’s decision making progress. If you’re an online business, then yes it IS your business. Regardless if you have an e-commerce, an informational website, or a lead generation site, your customers decide in their mind if they want to do business with you just within the first few milliseconds they land on your home page. As the old expression goes, making impressions count. A modern website can make a world of difference for customers or donors in the critical decision phase.

The same goes for your talent acquisition. Yes, the people who work with you.

The second opportunity is sometimes overlooked but it applies to organizations of all sizes.

Wouldn’t having the top talent within your organization help you achieve your mission and goals this year? I know that for me, it’s much harder to acquire top talent than it is customers sometimes. Your website IS the foundation for how prospective employees decide if you’re good fit for them. 

Maybe you’re not in an employee acquisition phase but rather you work with other freelancers, consultants or gig workers. Either way, you can use your website to tell your story of where you’re planning to go with this thing you’re building. Your website can show your vision of what you’re trying to build and why someone should join your journey.

The final opportunity is a bit broad but ultimately your personal livelihood is attached to your own set of web skills

Managing a website important responsibility, but your livelihood and potentially the livelihood of your family, your employees and their families and your community at large are dependent on the performance of your website strategy. It’s how we acquire customers, vendors and other important suppliers to create an ecosystem around a business.

With so much riding on your website’s performance, I think it’s safe to say that it is in your best interest to remain at the forefront of what a cutting edge site strategy should be today, and beyond. Simply educating yourself with web strategies and implementing them into your website can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to win against your competition and change your entire situation around for the better. It could also open up a plethora of opportunities for you at other organizations or for your own business.

Let me help you WIN YOUR WEBSITE

In my vlog, I have a series of episodes lined up with practical – and tactical advice – for how you can really Win your Website. Catch my content or everything from little tweaks that can make a big difference to building a powerful mindset that can operate larger strategies like my Digital Acquisition Cycle. Stick around and hang out with me if you want to blow up your website this year.

Before we go any farther, I want to address one important takeaway. We’ve determined that your website and your online presence is critical in today’s business world. A website today, not just a requirement, it’s a growth strategy that at the end of the day is part of your overall livelihood. So often, I have to ask my clients…


What role do you intend and want to take on?

Today, website marketing and development are broken down into several disciplines – or roles. Depending on your website budget and overall strategy, these various roles have transformed into careers for talented people – possibly even for yourself in the future.

A powerful website today includes several key areas of responsibility such as:

  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Full Stack Programming
  • Digital Marketers
  • Talent recruiters and more

There’s also a host of specialists within these disciplines such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts, Video Producers, and Editors, Bloggers and Content Creators, WordPress Assemblers, Social Media Experts, and visual storytellers. Just to name a few.

I only bring this up because I get a lot of excited clients at various skill levels and experience come to me looking to build a high-performance website entirely on their own. This is maybe an outdated mindset of what is required to win today.

It’s not that my clients are not talented, no no they are very talented in their respective areas, and let me also say building a website yourself can happen if you put in the time to learn and make mistakes. I’ve built many websites myself over the years, some rather high performing sites, but also I have about 15 years of experience and it took many failures to achieve a few wins. If you’re just getting into the game today – or coming back form a bit of a hiatus – then it may take some time but you only have the opportunity ahead.

I guarantee you that if you hang with me on my channel, you will learn many of the skills you need to build a winning website. Just expect that it will take some time, patience and a bit perseverance to get to where you want to go. I highly encourage you to get “down and dirty” with your website and learn how it really works. With my help, you will build a powerful mindset around your web strategy to truly Win your Website.

This begins with determining what your role is for your website. Just like applying for a job, you wouldn’t want to apply for a job that isn’t a good fit. So why are you trying to take on all roles of your website? Find out what aspect of your web strategy you want to own, and go with it.
Maybe you want to control the design, or maybe you won’t just hand it off and be a client, or be a project manager. There are plenty of ways for which anyone can contribute to web strategy in a way that makes the most impact for you and your site.

Now…  If you want to go farther, faster, there is 1 role we must all take on to succeed in this game

This one role is a special one out of all of them. This is a role we must all take on, and that is the role of a student.

You must be willing to be a perpetual student of web strategy and learn that high performance only comes from practice, practice, practice. The web is a fast-evolving place, and what worked a few years ago may not be good today.

What does work time after time is when you investing your time learning, think about all of the opportunity you can create in the future by picking up some useful and in-demand skills today that will potentially apply not only your current website but the many websites you will likely have to build in the future – for yourself or maybe even clients.

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Grow your websites, build your knowledge, and create a winning mindset with me, your mentor, Scott Winterroth.

Thank you and with Gratitude.

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