Improving Your Web Accessibility With Divi

Improving Your Web Accessibility With Divi

When websites are properly designed and coded, people with disabilities can use them. However, many sites are developed with accessibility barriers that make them difficult or impossible for some users to interact with your content. A few tweaks can go a long way and the Chicago Divi Meetup will share some practical tips for making your site more accessible to a broader audience.

Join us to learn about some high-level website accessibility features available in the Divi Theme and some best practices for developing with an accessibility mindset. Plus, learn about how some accessibility features can also benefit your search engine optimization (SEO) scores.

Presenter: Scott Winterroth (

Scott is the co-organizer of the Divi Chicago meetup group and has been building with websites with WordPress and optimizing them for over 13 years. He is by far not an accessibility expert but is very passionate about making the web a more inclusive place.

All are welcome! This is a virtual meetup due to the Illinois Stay-at-Home order, join us on Zoom and turn on your webcam to have a great experience.

As always, come with your WordPress/Divi questions and we will spend time after the presentation helping each other out.

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