Real Life Experience Podcast: Ellie O’Brien Shares How She Started Her Fast-Growing Blog, Hungry By Nature

Get motivated to start your blog by listening to one blogger’s experience with starting, managing and growing her blog while working full-time as an . . . engineer

What’s holding you back?” That’s the question food blogger, Ellie O’Brien, recommends everyone who is thinking about starting a blog should ask themselves. It’s the question Ellie asked herself as she was thinking about starting her blog, Hungry By Nature. Two years later, Ellie posts consistently twice a week and has over 2000 Instagram and 848 Pinterest followers who receive healthy, easy-to-make recipes.

In this podcast, Ellie, a design engineer by day and blogger by night and weekends, shares her story about how she started her blog, manages while working full-time and evolving her voice to satisfy her passion to help others live a healthy life. She also tells her secrets for using online tools, such as Tailwind, to promote her posts on Instagram and Pinterest and how she makes money blogging.

We believe anyone who wants to blog or is blogging will enjoy hearing Ellie’s experience.

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