It has maybe been awhile since you heard from me but I’m very happy to announce the launch of Content Academy.

We’re building a one-of-a-kind learning center because we believe in learning by doing with help from experienced instructors.

Over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time reimagining how we teach our WordPress workshops because I realized how important these skills have become to the modern marketer and entrepreneur. Your future depends on the ability to publish your work and ideas to the web with WordPress.

Since I began using WordPress in 2007, the demand for content creators and website managers has grown exponentially. This demand changed the needs of our typical student, therefore, we updated our offerings to best reflect your needs.

New WordPress Workshops

Today, I’m happy to announce to you the relaunch of our WordPress workshops, which are now part of a larger series aimed at helping you gain digital marketing competence.

Learn more about our new Blogging, Digital Marketing and Applied Content Strategy Class, taught by experienced instructors.

Beta Testing Community Sharing

We’re also in the midst of launching a user community for sharing ideas and collaborating. If you’re interested in beta testing with us, please signup on our join page.

There is nothing more attractive to a future employer, client or team than confidence about your skills and knowledge of current trends. I hope you can join us at an upcoming event.

Class sizes are limited so please consider signing up now to reserve your seat.

Connect with me if you have any questions.

Scott Winterroth
Co-Founder & Instructor
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Class size is limited to give you personal attention. Register now otherwise you may have to wait until the next session.