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Where to start… Getting into Content

Where to start… Getting into Content

Quick Tips Getting Started… Getting into Content By: Scott Winterroth Welcome to the Content Academy Quick Tip Series! Watch the first video in this new quick tip content series on, well, starting!  Join Content Academy Co-Founder, Scott Winterroth, for his...

WordPress Page Builder Plugins on a $100 Budget

The fundamental concept behind WordPress is to enable users to publish web content without knowing code.  Which, in my opinion, it does just that in exceptionally well. The core WordPress interface provides a simple way to login and add a new page or post to a...

What are WordPress Plugins and why we handpicked these five!

What are WordPress plugins and how they can be used on a blog. When it comes to WordPress plugins, Think of car. Now, think of all the different ways you could customize that car if given an unlimited budget; you could make the car light up, go faster, have better...